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Best Sci-Fi Movies Like The Help to Watch

Either you accept or not, but the reality is inevitable that we are currently living in the future era. So, you will agree when you look at your pocket having computers and robot cars. Besides, you will see the future environment in movies too. The most known and popular film genres are Science fiction.

In this genre, the creation of pictures is based on future technology. So, you can experience the view of distant places which you have never seen before.

The Sci-Fi category is as old as movies, but it is not limited here; it has more subclasses. For your information, the Sci-fi movies of this time are not as enjoyable as in recent times.

Do you ever consider which category is most interesting? Even if you try to figure it out, it may not be possible to conclude. But after a great struggle, an assumption is made that which category is most attractive among Sci-Fi movies.

Films that can move better with a rugged theme do not come regularly, for example, movies like The Help.

Movies Like The Help

It isn’t straightforward to discuss these types of movies. But it is one of the dramatic films which can aid you to have a long conversation loop and change. If you think you should watch a movie that can give you some inspiration and motivation, consider movies like The Help.

Movies based on science fiction are not the only occasion to present vibrating throb and laser sword power. But it is to display the unimaginable space or kind of alien civilization. Many Sci-fi movies can inspire you from the future. But, unfortunately, many of these movies are from a few times ago.

It will be interesting to know about some of the blockbuster sci-fi movies. Watching sci-fi movies is interesting for you and allows the producer and filmmaker to launch creativity and innovation.

If you want to know the most available and fascinating Sci-fi movies, you should be sure that you are at the exact place.

Won’t Back Down

It is a sort of drama movie released in 2012 by the star Viola Davis as Nona Alberts, and the other is Maggie Gyllenhaal as Jamie Fitzpatrick. Won’t back down – consist of two mother’s tales. Both of these mothers put everything at risk for their children.

Nona Alberts and Jamie Fitzpatrick are contrary economically and socially. But both of these ladies come with an essential and shared mission, and it is fixing old and poor condition schools. This school is declining in the community, so they want to rebuild it for the children’s bright future.

In this entire picture, you will see their courage, struggle, and hurdles they face. But these ladies are ready to restrict any limitation of their mission. They are going to tackle the hopeless bureaucracy. Besides, they are also doing their best to boost the teaching passion of faculty who lost their interest.

On the other hand, this movie consists of a couple of weak moments. One of them is the romance between Michael and Jamie; the other drawback is not the happy marriage between Nona and Lance Reddick. But in the end, his husband returns to hug Nona.

The Long Walk Home

This movie was released in 2019 and was directed by Richard Pearce. Its scriptwriter “Christophe Sean Larsen,” who gives an idea about the story, makes sound use of theme and genre tropes.

This Sci-Fi drama is based on the tale of two ladies and their families. The first lady is a black person and works as a servant in the neighborhood.

She is hard-working, and after done with her work, she returns to her home and does all the chores. On the other hand, the other female is a white woman. Her husband is a successful businessman. She also does work but doesn’t get paid for it.

Like in the year 1955 – Montgomery, people consider the purpose of the whole day of women to please their husbands. That’s why women should be in their homes. But now, it is regarded as narrow world thinking.

In this movie, you will see the liberalism of that white woman and the endurance of the black lady. You will indeed find this movie an affecting film that conveys a powerful and silent message.

When They See Us

The most interesting Sci-fi movie other than the movies similar to help is “When they see us.” It is a fast-moving and dense serial based on a racist environment and a dramatic series. It involves the story of five young boys arrested in the rape and then sentenced to death.

She was a young and white girl whose dead body was found that evening. You will be amazed to see the outstanding performance of young actors like Ethan Herisse, Jharrel Jerome, Asante Black, Marquis Rodriguez, and Caleel Harris. These characters are a little older than teenagers.

Apart from the acting, everything in this movie is just incredible. The music, the story, the critical message, and the miserable condition of white women are quite emotional. If you have not watched this movie before, it will surely make it your top favorite film.

Ghost of Mississippi

This Sci-fi movie is known as the most impressive drama of its time. Its complete story is base on the assassination of Medgar Evers – who was the leader of the civil rights movement. He is an activist murdered in the 1960s and fought for civil rights for up to 30 years in courts.

Then, later on, in the 1990s, the Mississippi D.A. Bobby DeLaughter assassination case was again open for justice. In this movie, Goldberg acts as the Medger widow and fights for the sake of truth and justice. This film is quite lengthy for some of you. But the story is quite realistic and has an excellent cast.

The story can put anyone in tears, anger, and then smile. So, it will keep you impressed and amaze till the last moment. Apart from the performance of actors, many other reasons make this movie successful.

It will not be wrong to say that this movie indeed rates an Oscar award. It conveys the clear message of justice and equality.

What happened, Miss someone

It is one of the documentaries which prove passionate and very powerful in it. What happened, Miss someone – is based on the true-life story of Nina Simone. She is not only a brilliant music icon.

You will be amazed to know that she is also an activist of civil rights-you can consider how fascinating a documentary can be. Besides, it is a magnificent or impressive documentary movie. In case of not hearing, watch it, and you will know the complete tale.

At the start of this movie, you may think it is a type of book documentary. But, when you move a little ahead, you will discover it is majestic and grateful to live.

In the initial phase, there is an explanation, how she touched the fame of the jazz world, how she struggles for her dream journey, and her childhood times.

In the end, you will see how she plays the role of activist in the civil rights movement. So, this movie is excellent and proves motivational for many of us.

Hidden Figures

An African-American lady known as Vaughan aids deciphers and also explains the use of mathematics while spacing race. This Sci-Fi movie becomes more effective and exciting because of the hard work of its director Theodore Melfi.

In this movie, there you find a trio of intelligent and elegant ladies at NASA. These three are named Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan. One of these three – Katherine Johnson, is the best mathematician, and she calculates the trajectories of flights for missions.

The second star – Dorothy Vaughan, acts as the supervisor of NASA, and the third one Mary Jackson works as an engineer. All these three women are best in their work. They play a vital role in the vast operations of history. These three ladies are called human computers.

The lesson you can predict from this movie is to do anything for your country apart from race, color, and gender.

Self Made

This movie is a documentary made on the true-life story of a self-made C.J. Walker woman. She is an entrepreneur and an African American lady.

The Self Made series beautifully illustrates the differences between the lives of the elite class and middle-class inhabitants of this society. 

Additionally, the overall tale and legacy of this self-made C.J. Walker woman is outstanding. It will leave you to inspire and motivate after watching the entire story.

The Secret Life of Bees

A teen girl, Lily Owens, who acts as Dakota Fanning, is so upset after her mother. There is no happy relationship between father and daughter because she always misses her mother. Lily Owens was fed up with her father’s abuse, and one day, she left him along with her caregiver named Rosaleen.

The caregiver is also her best friend. Finally, they reach the town of South Carolina. There, Lily learns beekeeping, black Madonna, and honey too, and she discovers the truth related to her beloved mother. This movie was released in 2008 as a drama film.

The story of this movie is based on a novel. In this way, Gina Prince-Bythewood has decided to direct this film. The acting or performance of a little teen girl whose age is only14 years is just impressive. You will also like it when you watch this movie. Here is the article recommended for you providing the summary of Self-made movie,

Malcolm X

Malcolm X – is a story that is based on the influential and controversial Black leader. The movie revolves around early life, gangster career, and ministry. The father of Born Malcolm, namely “Garveyite Baptist minister,” was assassinated through the action of the Ku Klux Klan.

In this movie, you will see the true Life story of Malcolm. Being a gangster, he also had to face the harsh environment of jail. During that period, he discovers Elijah Muhammad – leader of the Nation of Islam. After being freed from prison, he began to preach and perform the pilgrimage.

He suggests a Muslim name, “El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz,” for himself. Later in 1965, he has been a murder and become a martyr.

From this movie, you can figure out the clear message of life-changing power and fate, which is not with you at all times. Therefore, this movie is not only educational but also an inspiration for many of us. Here is the article recommended for you providing you the list of movies should watch when high.


It is all about the movies like the help. These movies, as mentioned earlier, are exciting, informational, and inspirational and prove as motivational for those who take interest.

So, it means not all movies are for entertainment purposes. But, there is also a meaningful lesson behind every movie, either it is Sci-Fi or from any other category.