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Best Sci-Fi Movies Like Avatar to Watch

No one can deny that the Avatar movie is a masterpiece of James Cameron and a gem of the film industry in the 21st century. It also held the title of “Highest Grossing Film worldwide. Most people like movies about fiction, science, and technology concepts in short Sci-Fi movies.

A person who loves to watch Sci-Fi movies faces difficulty in finding the right one. Whenever someone types Sci-Fi or a movie like Avatar on Google, we get a list that contains hundreds of movies. So, choosing one is like finding a needle in a Haystack.

We know that you might be thinking about this question. Are there more movies like Avatar? That can leave you stunned. Don’t be worried about it because there are many (not story vise) but in visuals, performances, and action.

Movies Like Avatar

Avatar is a movie that you’ll never forget once you watch it. The story, CGI, performances, everything is so epic that you want to watch more movies like Avatar. In this article, I’ll tell you about the best movies similar to Avatar. So, don’t think more and just scroll down.


Interstellar is an epic Sci-Fi space adventure movie of 2014 which Christopher Nolan directs. The film shows how our earth slowly becomes unfit to live for humans because of crop blight.

When humanity is fading, NASA physicists work on a project to transport human beings to another planet through wormholes.

However, the journey is not as easy as it seems. In this movie, you’ll see the mission of NASA researchers who will check the environment of the three planets in space. The question is, will they be able to save humankind or not?


Gravity is directed by Alfonso Cuaron. The story revolves around Dr. Ryan Stone (Medical Engineer) and Matt Kowalsky (Commander of Mission).

The film is about the STS 157 mission where a Russian satellite explodes and damages the space station. This explosion causes the death of the entire crew except for Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalsky.

After all these things happened, they were left alone in space where a person can only feel two things: silence and loneliness.

They lost connection to the earth. There is no one to rescue them in the blackness of space. They don’t have enough oxygen to go to another space station. In simple words, this movie is about the survival of two people without resources in space.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One movie is directed by Steven Spielberg and based on a novel name (Ready Player One) written by Ernest Cline.

This movie is about Wade Watts and a virtual reality name (OASIS) to escape the world’s brutal truths. In this movie, you’ll see the 2045 planet facing climate, war, and poverty issues.

The creator of the virtual universe (OASIS) is James Halliday. Unfortunately, he has no heir, so he left a message that whoever found the easter egg in the OASIS universe will be the owner of this virtual reality and his fortune.

It shows how Wade Watts will join the contest and find the easter egg in the fantasy world of OASIS.

Rise of Planet of Apes

Rupert Wyatt directed the rise of the Apes movie. The story is about an experiment that gives chimpanzees intelligence and emotions, which will become the reason for an ape rebellion in the future.

Scientist Will Rodman works on a drug “ALZ-112,” to cure Alzheimer’s disease. He succeeds in making a cure that can enhance intelligence in a female chimpanzee named Bright Eyes.

The problem starts when Bright eye shows aggression, not because of the drug but to save her baby chimpanzee name (Caesar).

The thrilling point of the movie starts when caesar (an intelligent chimpanzee same as his mother) gives the ALZ-112 drug to other chimpanzees and leads a revolt against humans.

Alita: The Battle Angel

Alita: the battle angel is about the future (26th century) city named Iron City. A cyborg name (Alita) was found in a scrapyard by Dr. Ido (Cyborg Doctor).

When Alita awakens, she doesn’t remember anything about her past. She tries to live her new life again in Iron City. She has a powerful artificial body but with a human brain.

What she doesn’t know is there is something about her past that haunts Dr. Ido. That’s why he is protecting her from something. The curiosity of Alita about her past pushes her to become a hunter like Dr. Ido.

What will happen when the corrupt forces of Iron city notice Alita’s powers and abilities?

Guardians of Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a famous movie series of marvel cinematic universe that currently has three parts; one will be released in 2023, and two were already released. This movie series is the jackpot for those who’re fascinated by aliens, superpowers, space, and the universe.

The movie’s main hero is Peter Quill (Chris Patt), who is kidnapped by an alien when he was young. However, the entire movie series is about how Peter and his friend (Nebula, Rocket, Groot, Drax), once gang members, will become warriors and saviors of the galaxy.

Wall – E

Wall – E is a Sci-Fi animated movie directed by Andrew Stanton. It was released in 2008. This movie is about a robot left alone on the abandoned earth left by humans because the planet does not have anything except trash.

Wall – E is a garbage collecting robot that has been working alone on earth for 700 years. The exciting point of the movie begins when Wall – E falls in love with another robot named EVE. EVE was sent on earth to gather information about whether it is sustainable for life or not?

The adventure of Wall – E inaugurates when he follows EVE throughout the galaxy. This movie will indeed give you a lot of fun and enjoyment. 

A Space Odyssey

A Space odyssey movie is directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1968. This movie shows the evolution of human beings after seeing monoliths.

It shows two the evolution of two particular periods. The first period is all about the dawn of civilization, four million years ago. So, when Apes see a monolith, and then the process of evolution starts for them.

The second one is about 2001 when five astronauts and one supercomputer (named HAL) are on a mission to Jupiter.

The movie is all about the mysterious journey of Jupiter. The problems astronauts face because the supercomputer (HAL) becomes a danger to those who want to kill all of the astronauts in space.


Stalker movie is a Sci-Fi film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. The movie is about a mysterious area named Zone, a no-go area restricted by the government. People believe that this no-go area called the Zone has a bunker with a magical room that grants wishes.

Two men and a writer go to the area with a guide known as Stalker, who has a connection with this area. It’s a journey to find the mysterious magic room in the prohibited area.


Solaris is a Russian movie directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. The story of Solaris revolves around a space station that rotates around a fictional planet known as Solaris.

A psychologist named Kris Kelvin is sent to the space station as a substitute for a scientist who died on the space station. The thrilling part of the movie begins when Kris Kelvin discovers the mysterious truth. How the previous scientist died, and how is Solaris affecting the human brain? Here is the article recommended for you providing you the summary of movie salaris.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade runners are bioengineered humanoids who live in the world besides humans. The director of Blade Runner 2049 movie is Denis Villeneuve. This movie is connected to the first Part, Blade Runner, and the final cut, 1982.

Officer K (New Blade Runner) is assigned to find the mysterious child. Little did he know that this investigation was about to change his entire life. Will he ever find a blade runner child who’s been missing for 30 years or not? Here is the article recommended for you the list of best zombie movies ever.


No doubt that Sci-Fi movies are the best choice for those who want to experience magic, fantasy, science & technology all along in one movie. That’s why we provide you a list of the 12 best Sci-Fi movies like Avatar.

Hopefully, now you can find the best film to watch. But still, if you’re facing a problem choosing the best one between these twelve movies, then check out our recommendation.