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Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now [2021]

There are many best horror movies on Hulu right now, but which one can scare you the most? Even though you are one of those who don’t scare, some films will increase your heartbeat. If you are among the Hulu subscribers, this post is for you to watch popular horror movies.

Horror movies lie in a broad genre, which comes up with different stories. You might have missed the scary hotels, haunted houses in the threatened woods, or a surprising creature on the planet. When you encounter one of these situations, your heart will feel skid.

Hulu library has a collection of slasher and screamer for everyone, from all-time picks to hidden gems you might not even be aware of. You can find something that scares even the bravest soul, whether vampires or clowns or scary beasts or strange creatures.

13 Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now

In this post, we will enlist the best horror movies on Hulu, full of fear and trembling. Get into your blanket or hold the bed; below are the top 13 horror movies streaming on Hulu to watch. Let’s start:

Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry, writers, put a two-way yet three-dimensional fun into Anna and the Apocalypse. Holiday spirits, teenage hormones, and horror humor make you laugh out loud. This movie has aspects of Christmas, high school musicals, and a zombie part.

In this movie, Anna, a high school junior trapped in a zombie apocalypse, aspires to escape from her hometown. Singing along with it is a funny, scary, unique experience you will not want to miss. You will not forget most of the scenes, even for up to a few days.

Bad Hair (2020)

Newly released, Bad Hair, a satirical comedy horror film written and directed by Justin Simien, is about a woman’s unusual hair. Anna, the lady, put her life in danger when she weaves her hair. This movie shows up the behavior and nature of our society.

Aside from its entertaining story, music, and idea, the central message about the stresses put on black women’s beauty was very emotional without being moral. The movie was a tumult, and we recommend everyone to watch it.

Cabin in the Woods (2011)

If you are a vacation lover, this wild and hilarious yet scary movie will feel like you are experiencing it in real life. Drew Goddard directed Cabin in the Woods, his most innovative and enjoyable horror film to date. This movie is what happens in slashers for decades.

A group of friends visit a cabin located in a forest and later find out that they are in some obsessed place. Things seem to go wrong quite rapidly, and everything that happened was entirely unbelievable and wrong.

Children of the Corn (1984)

This horror and thriller movie, Children of the Corn, is based on kids’ enactment from the 1980s. However, it’s an adaptation of a short story, which is enough to frighten kids of any age. After watching this movie, you will think two times before visiting your nearest cornfield.

During an outing, a young couple trips into an offensive town in Nebraska. The town children have been brainwashed into a bloodthirsty religious cult. They were forced to kill all the adults of the city.

Crawl (2019)

Another latest movie on our list of best horror movies is Crawl, which also has many thrill scenes. In the direction of Alexandre Aja, you can expect a perfect movie to spend about two hours. This movie is about a father and his daughter trapped in their house in water.

Filmed in Florida, the girl (Haley Keller) returned home from college searching for her father (Dave Keller). She found her father in a crawl full of gators, and water was slowly rising. From start to end, this movie keeps you in an in-depth terror.

Culture Shock (2019)

This thriller movie comes with deep meaning about America and how they treat an illegal act. Gigi Saul Guerrero is a Mexican and directed Culture Shock, which is also about a beautiful, pregnant woman.

The woman by mistake crosses the American border, an illegal action, but soon discovers herself in an American nightmare. She was neither a terrorist nor an agent but was in pursuance of the American Dream.

The Dead Zone (1983)

If you want to watch a movie and being terrified every second, The Dead Zone is worth watching. It is among the best horror movies on Hulu and is streaming now. This movie is about an incident that happened with a young man Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken).

When Johnny awakens from the coma after years, he found that he has psychic powers. His girlfriend had moved forward with her life. He must battle with his jolting abilities to observe someone’s future by touching them.

The Devil’s Doorway (2018)

For people who love adventures, The Devil’s Doorway is a movie that must be watched. This movie is based on a real-life happening when two priests set out to investigate a miracle that appeared at Magdalene Laundry.

This horror movie follows the statue of a woman, the Virgin Mary, which weeps blood. It was not much of horror, but the priests found a wicked horror act of vicious nuns. All horror stuff at the Catholic asylum was because of these creatures. 

The Devil’s Candy (2015)

Director Sean Byrne makes the divine right into a crash with entirely human, family drama with unusual suspense. One thing that makes “The Devil’s Candy” exceptional is the character’s experience and story on which the movie is based.

Satanic forces control a painter struggling for his family after moving into their dream home, which was a haunted one. This film is ultimately about parenting, and many parents feel their choices are hurting their children.

Depraved (2019)

Depraved, a horror and thriller film written and directed by Larry Fessenden, is an excellent movie for everyone to watch, especially medicos. This movie follows the creation of a human, called Adam, by a skilled surgeon in Brooklyn. 

With post-traumatic stress disorder, Henry, the surgeon, uses body parts to create a man and bring him to life from unconsciousness. This is one of the best horror movies by the great performer Frankenstein, released in 2019. 

From Hell (2001)

From Hell is based on a novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. This film is about a lead investigator who was investigating Jack the Ripper murders. You will be amazed by the acting of every character in it. 

Frederick Abberline, the investigator, was first looking to find kidnappers, but then the case turned into finding murderer(s). The scenes are horrifying, taking place in the deadliest slum, called Whitechapel.

Ghost Stories (2018)

Ghost Stories is the most horror film of 2018, written and directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. As the name indicates, there was a mission of looking at three unknown cases. These cases include people with real-life issues for using their hauntings as illusions because of stress.

First, a night watchman meets a ghost at work, and second, a neurotic young man is traumatized by an accident in the forest near his house. Third, a rich man is threatened by the ghost of his future child.

The Houses October Built (2014)

Last but not least, The Houses October Built by Bobby Roe is a semi-unreal retelling of his documentary, which is available at the same name. This movie is related to five friends who wanted to find some horrible places in the country.

This movie is much-underrated and self-sufficient. Even though it is a low-budget film, but a quality one that is directed and filmed to convey a first-person feeling. If you love haunted houses, this horror movie is just for you.

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about the best horror movies on Hulu right now. Although these 13 movies are in the horror genre, they cover a range of drama, thriller, mystery, and action. If you are not fond of watching horror movies, please watch them setting with another person. 

Horror films continue to eternally familiarize themselves despite the recurrent and distorted rumors that they are dead. People love watching them, as evident from regularly increasing ticket sales and excessively growing numbers of views.

These were the most-watched horror movies of all the time we discussed. We hope that you will find the right movie for them to watch tonight with your partner. However, you can watch any of these movies from the start till the end. 

Despite the deluge of horror movies in recent years, their power to wreck and offense was steadfast, staying to perpetuate our most heartfelt primal fears. They immortalize our most delicate and most inhumane daydreams.

So, are you still thinking about which of these movies you should watch first? Simply go with Anna and the Apocalypse or Bad Hair; you will enjoy them the most. Or let’s know in the comment which of these movies you are going to watch.